Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Biozoon textures - Algizoon + Calazoon

Biozoon®, textures are the perfect ingredients for molecular gastronomy. Easy recipes, like fake caviar are made with Calazoon® and Algizoon®.

Product description:

Calazoon®, contains calcium lactate and serves as a supplement for Algizoon®, as it requires calcium or potassium ions to form gels which are heat-stable, firm and flexible or which gel very fast and are very interesting for culinary use. Calazoon® has a very mild and pleasant taste. Besides the calcium-ions, which are important for the processing technique, the remaining ions, which form the salt structure, have an important influence on the sensory properties of the salt solution (slightly bitter, salty, sour and mild) and the reaction time for the gelling. The reaction time is important for the formation of round capsules as the shape can be better controlled through the viscosity of the alginate solution and the reaction time of the salt bath.

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In Deutschland sind Biozoon Texturen für Molekularküche hier erhältlich!

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